Through its three programming strands, ArteKino Selection, ArteKino Classics, and ArteKino Festival, ArteKino aims to showcase the uniqueness of European cinematic heritage, both past and present. This year, the consortium teams, comprising ARTE GEIE, ARTE France Cinéma, and the Association des Cinémathèques Européennes, have carefully curated a vibrant selection of films, ranging from timeless Visconti to the captivating Norwegian auteur cinema of Francisca Eliassen.

These diverse works are intended to reach and resonate with European citizens, with more than 100 hours of programming subtitled in French, German, English, Spanish, Italian, and Polish, all available online for free.

Our selection also celebrates female filmmakers, with 60% of the films in ArteKino Selection and ArteKino Festival being directed by talented women such as Bettina Blümner, winner of the 2023 ArteKino festival, Paula Knüpling, and Marina Prados.

With meticulous editorial work and targeted communication campaigns in key countries, including a pioneering ‘out of home’ campaign in Poland, ArteKino has continued to strengthen its presence among European audiences, experiencing 13% growth in 2023.

The ArteKino project is supported by the « Europe Creative Media » programme of the European Union.

ArteKino is available on ARTE’s digital platforms, free of charge, in 32 European countries with six subtitled versions: English, Spanish, Polish, Italian, French and German. This targets 70% of Europeans in their native language.

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The ArteKino programming strands are promoted thanks to strategic partnerships, European marketing campaigns and social media, with a special focus on younger audiences.